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SCRYPT.CC is a relatively new cloud on the mining horizon. Instead of giving you a simple Bitcoin cloud mining contract like other providers do, you can fund your account and start mining the most profitable Altcoin instead without worrying of setting up anything. Just fund your account with some Bitcoin and trade your Bitcoin to KHS. Setting up an account is very easy. The user dashboard is very clean and easy to understand, even for Bitcoin beginners. But that is not everything, you can also trade / sell your KHS back to Bitcoin maximizing your profit! It works like CEX.IO but with the difference that you don’t have to pay a hefty trading fee. A lot of ex CEX.IO users switched to SCRYPT.CC for that reason. They as well offer a great refferal program, giving you 5% of everything the refereed user earns!

We really like that they pay out every 10 minutes to your SCRYPT.CC wallet. If you want to withdraw your funds just click withdraw on your dashboard and enter your Bitcoin adress. If you do expirience any problems, don’t hesitate to contact the support 24/7, usually they respond very fast and friendly. It is also recommended that before sending a ticket to the support that you check out their forums regarding your issue. They do have an in built income calculator to give you a rough estimate of your earnings. 1 KHS currently is 0.00149000฿, 1000 KHS 1.49000000฿. Unlike PBMINING SCRYPT.CC does deduct a electricity and maintenance fee of your earnings which they calculate on the average profit for the last 10 minutes. However you don’t have to worry about electricity, heat or generated noise of the mining rigs. We recommend SCRYPT.CC for Bitcoin users who know how to trade or people who know how to get referrals. With just the mining and no referrals you will be in better hands with another cloud mining provider.

User friendlyness?

+ Fast, easy and free signup
+ Fast and friendly support, quickly responding and resolving occurring problems
+ Investments as low as 1 KHS
No possibility to purchase KHS with a credit card / Paypal

Website functionality?

+ Easy to understand live dashboard
+ Great refferal system
+ Option to trade or sell your KHS
+ Live chat with other SCRYPT.CC users
+ In built forum


No street adress / phone number of their business
No pictures of their hardware


High price per KHS
Maintenance and electricity fee


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2 stars
5 stars
Website functionality?
3 stars
User friendlyness?
3 stars


  • Bobby fley says:

    If you want to invest in to this service, watch this helpfully interview with the admin first.

  • WebZrout says:
    3 stars

    Minimum investment is at present 100 KHS to scrypt.cc is completely off the chat, the whole project is put into operation after hacker attacks, but the price for 1 KHS is quite low, otherwise quite definitely shop.

  • bitcoin investment sites says:

    Good idea thanks for posting

  • Rafael says:

    This website is not reliable, scammers are not investing the BTC everything is a lie and they’ll steal the BTC you send and Support service does not answer any of your message

  • jo says:

    Dont invest… No pay

  • Casey says:

    Someone help I been on for 5 months bad only made.oooo1260 please help me 1NBvXSyT3JVKfEAFvgt2oCRpJEebLe7f5m
    If you can help anyway I would be forever thankful yes that is my wallet address if you can help even a tiny bit would be great if mot I also understand thank you

  • Patrick says:

    This is scam site, trust me on this. I didn’t lose a ton and I didn’t invest more than I was wiling to risk. With any investment it is a risk but this mining vendor has you convert your BTC by purchasing their proprietary MHS from other members who are selling back their MHS (sound familiar…..Ponzi?).
    They claim to pay you every 10 mins in MHS, you can sell back your MHS for BTC to ….new members or members looking to increase their holdings..remember the more MHS the better payout….is the claim.

    After trying this for a few months I watched my MHS grow and I figured I would take my rewards and sell my MHS back for BTC ….only issue is you have to sell it those who are willing to buy and the value of the MHS to BTC ratio fluctuates. I was able to sell mine back and convert over to BTC but that was where it ended……I have now waited over two months and my withdrawal never came. I kept checking the queue but no status update and no answers to my created support tickets on the site. Instead, I found that my BTC withdrawal was canceled and my BTC was converted back to their currency MHS and they enabled Auto-Invest. So now I have to sell back MHS again and start process all over! Worse yet…. value of MHS has dropped substantially to what I sold for initially and it looks like my risk was not rewarded…..I accept this loss and my experiment with cloud mining is over but please for any of you out there who are curious take my advice and just look past this…any investment is a risk but with Scryptcc it’s a certainty!!!

  • Concerned Citizen says:

    Scrypt.cc is a scam, do not invest your money you will not get it back

  • Naomi says:

    I wouldn’t go with script cc if i were you, they’ve not responded to any of my messages and upon emailing them direct it appears their server was inactive. Rinsed me of $1000 worth of bitcoin money

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